Smart city Solution
SSAYE provides an advanced ecosystem for smart cities.
  • Our participation in three pilot smart townships are designed for connected living, enabling citizens to make smarter decisions, leverage the local resources and benefit from best of the world facilities.
  • Communities can have the financial, social and environment balance for a healthy life.
Smart City Projects
FUTURE TOWNSHIPS, Bangalore, India
A unique 750+ acre townships that will have the best of facilities including smart living, solar energy, zero waste, heli-taxi and high security. The city is being planned for optimal resources and self sustained economy, with ability for remote participation.
Smart Apartment complex & Business Center
A state-of-the-art residential complex with work-friendly infrastructure for smart living. Current projects in USA and India.
Our specialty
  • A leading edge system with blockchain, AI and resources bring the trusted, secure, smart, cost efficient and hi-tech environment making one of the best solutions in the world for smart living.
  • Customers anywhere in the world can physically or digitally participate in this smart economy.
  • Supporting partners include industry leaders.
What will you get?
Join us to leverage the experience, wisdom and system for a better life.
  • Plots
  • Apartments
  • Good return for Investment
  • Partner for unique services
  • Be part of the smart community
SSAYE Club members can have privileged access in our smart infrastructure premises.
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